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The Cultural Association “Chiacchiere” (literal translation: small talk, translators note) was created thanks to the collaboration of language tutors teaching Italian for foreigners. Our school is situated in the heart of the island of Ortigia, within a stone’s throw of Piazza Duomo. Ortigia is the historical area of the city of Syracuse. Here, the Greek coming from Corinth settled down to give life to one of the greatest and richest cities of the past.


Nowadays, Ortigia is an enchanting place to spend one’s holidays. No matter how old you are, you can enjoy typical Sicilian specialities in one of the manifold bars and restaurants, sunbath in the beautiful sea that surrounds the island, admire churches and museums, go for some shopping or have fun among Greek remains, memories of Spanish domination and baroque buildings. Ortigia has it all: sea, culture, fun, shopping, food and, of course, our school!


Our school offers all members Italian language courses at all levels – from “absolute beginner” to “advanced”. Courses are available standard or individual. Standard courses start Mondays and course duration is one week (20 hours a week, each lesson lasting 45 minutes).

Individual courses can be scheduled any day.
Besides Italian language courses, it is also possible to attend other courses, including Sicilian cooking, art and archaeology, Italian and Sicilian literature, and art and photography.

During weekends, one may take part in guided tours visiting the fascinating natural reserves not far away from Syracuse.

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Via Saverio Landolina, 30
Ortigia – Siracusa